Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday, and we spent the morning with him eating breakfast at Golden Corral. My mom, dad, my sister and brother-n-law and niece and nephew, myself and my son all ate to our hearts content. Matter of fact, we ate way too much. That's easy to do at a buffet! We had the best time ever, just sitting and laughing and talking. Family is such a nice thing to have. It's even better when you all get along.

I watched my dad as we ate and realized many things about him that I had forgotten that I loved so much. He's not your typical man. No, he's much better than that. He truly doesn't care what others think about him. He is who he is. He's comfortable with who he is and what he has in life. He's not a fancy dresser...although he is always neat and clean. He could care less about high priced clothes or name brands. If it's nice and clean and it fits, he wears it. He lives in a modest house and all his children and their families are welcome there. If it's his and his kids need it, he freely hands it over. He's not interested in a fancy sports car...he is happy with a van and truck. He loves the fact that all his grandkids fit into that minivan! He has always loved what others call the 'simple' things in life. But, my dad has taught me that the simple things in life are what become the important things in life! I love you are the greates man ever! Happy Birthday!

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