Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am NOT happy about this!!!

I signed up for an exercise class today, and was told to wear loose fitting clothing when I came for my first class. If I HAD any loose fitting clothing, I wouldn't have signed up in the first place! PEOPLE! They never cease to amaze me...


...who Landon thinks he wants to be for 'Halloween' but who knows for sure??? There's still three days left and he could change his mind! I'm all for it...I mean, it's just what I need. Another man's things around the house for me to pick up!

A Stress-Free Thanksgiving!!!

My Purse...

What does your purse say about you???

My purse would reveal that I am definitely a mom of a little boy!! And very unorganized, but prepared for just about anything! I carry just about everything in it that you could imagine...I'll type the list as I look through it...
tissues (some clean, some not!)
medicine (all kinds)
hand sanitizer
cell phones (one that works and one that doesn't work for my son to play with!)
extra clothes for the little guy
extra pair of glasses (prescription glasses)
prescription sunglasses
disc of pictures I need to print
digital camera
socks for the little guy
hand wipes
papers from Sunday School that the little guy colored
hair gel
toilet paper (the small travel roll) (You just never know where you might get stranded!!)
pocket knife
more keys
oops another set of keys
dental floss (????maybe from the last visit to the little one's dr.???)
Chick-fil-A mints (I LOVE those mints! I take some each visit!)
Chick-fil-A santi wipes (guess I take some of those each visit too?)
sweet &low packets (I'm beginning to wonder if I have a theft problem??? LOL)
toothpicks (yep, must have a theft problem...I'm convinced now!)
bubbles from a wedding two weeks ago
and probably the weirdest thing of all...a broken vacuum cleaner belt (to remind me I need to buy more!!!) That's not worked so far! I seriously need to clean this big bag out! I'm on it...right after I have one of those mints!!

Daddy's got a girlfriend!!

Maybe I had better explain....I was sick Sunday and did not make it to church. I had a stomach virus and stay in bed most all day. Since I did not feel like cooking my husband decided to pick up a pizza on the way home from Sunday School. When they got home, Landon looked at me really serious and said, 'Mommy, daddy got us lost on the way home.' Of course I asked him some typical questions...'You got lost?...Really honey?...Where did you and daddy go?'

His answer astounded me. He said that "Daddy went to see his girlfriend!" Hmmmm...good thing I trust my husband to the fullest. I asked Landon if daddy's girlfriend was pretty...he said yes. I asked him what his daddy's girlfriend's name was...he said, Gearl...(my mother-n-laws name). At this point, his daddy decides to jump in the conversation to set the record straight.

He asks Landon if daddy really has a girlfriend...Landon answers YES! He asks Landon what her name is...he answers, Carol...or mommy, and smiles really big and says I'm just playing. Where in the world do they learn these things???

Monday, October 27, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008


We were stopped in a little shopping strip this afternoon and seen this bird. It amazed us how close he let us get to him. This is why I always have a camera with me!


I loved this picture I took of the sky...


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Now, I'll be the first to say that I'm not much of a 'girly-girl' or one who likes all the frills of life. I'd rather be casual and comfortable than dressed up. I prefer wildflowers or gladiolious over roses. I prefer a night at home with my husband and son than a big night on the town...that's just how I roll. However, today when my husband came home, he brought me a vase full of a beautiful floral arrangement...roses, lilys, carnations, peppers, leaves, etc. and it was simple beautiful. I love arrangements that are different or unusual, and this one wow'ed me. It just looked so 'Fall' and made this simple girl smile...a really big smile! The greatest part about the flowers? It was for no special reason, no special occasion, was one of those 'Just Because' occasions. Just because he loves me. Just because he cares, just because he knew I needed a pick-me-up type of thing. I am one lucky lady! And, I don't take that for granted. Thanks Honey!

OKAY...OKAY...the truth is that his job was giving away the arrangements that they used yesterday at the company's 75th anniversary party and dinner, but, hey, he did think enough of me to bring them home to me...JUST BECAUSE I am special to him! The fact that they were free made them even more beautiful to me. I told you I was a simple girl!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Time...and letting go!

Sometimes things happen that shake the very foundation that our world is standing on. Sometimes it's hard to get past the hurt or the wounds that have been inflicted on us. Sometimes it's hard to get past the circumstances. It's hard to just pick up the pieces and place them back together and go on with our life. It's hard...but not impossible.

When I don't have the answers to the questions why, when I don't have the solutions as to how to make things better, or know how to return to the light-heartedness of life, I've learned it's best to just stand still and wait. I've learned that Time is a friend to us in these types of situations. Once Time has put it's hands around the situation for a while, what seemed like the end of the world to me, becomes a new beginning.

Time....sometimes, that's all it takes!

I've also learned that if I hold on to the hurts and disappointmens inflicted on me by other people, then I'm only hurting myself. If I have an unforgiving spirit or a spirit of not letting it go, then I hinder my own growth. It's like the story of the little boy who was sitting on a park bench in obvious agony. He's frowning and groaning and in discomfort. A man walking by asked him what was wrong. The boy answered, "I'm sitting on a bumble bee." "Then why don't you just get up?" the man asked. The boy replied, "Because I figure I'm hurting it more than he is hurting me!"

A silly story, I know, but such truth can be found in it. We are just like that little boy so many times. When we don't have answers as to why someone hurt us or why a situation came our way, we just sit on an unforgiving or unforgetting spirit and live below our calling. The healing process won't begin until we get up off the park bench!! God can only heal our wounds when we stop inflicting pain and wrong spirits on the ones who hurt us, or when we stop questioning why He has us where He does. In His time....things will come together!