Saturday, February 28, 2009

Busy Weekend!

So, this is what I was doing this weekend. Our church hosted a Ladies Luncheon for the Ladies Auxiliary leaders of the area churches. Here's a sneak into all the fun.

The set up...

The food...

And last but not least...Dessert! (It's all about presentation!)

Here's some of the decorations we used on the tables...

With all these dishes, I was so glad to see the clean-up crew come in! For the first time in forever, I didn't have to wash all my crystal dishes! God Bless the dish washers. We had a great time Saturday. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

All's well that ends well!

I told you it would be a day full of laughter when my dad had surgery yesterday. My family, medication, and stress just don't mix together well. First, I am thankful that God brought dad through the surgery so well. He was sick at first and we didn't know if he was going to be able to come home, but we made it home around six, and he was doing great. When I went by to check on him after church last night, my mom was having to make him go back to bed. He wanted to be up because he was feeling so well. Here's a few pictures from our journey yesterday...

Landon stayed right by PawPaw and made sure he had everything he needed.

He was so concerned about PawPaw not feeling well.

He just wanted to hold his hand and talk to him.

Dad leaving for the OR...I'm still wondering why he thought it necessary to hum the Twilight theme as he was being wheeled off???

Mom's stressed, so the laughter begins...she's not hiding from the camera, she's just laughing so hard she had to cover her face to muffle the laughter.

We went to eat lunch, and came back to dad's room to w.a.i.t. (Notice the change of clothes on Landon? My OCD kicked in and couldn't stand his lunch showing on his clothes.)

Dad's back, and pretty much out of it! We could tell by the things he was saying and asking for. And for the record, my mother is once again laughing!

He was not happy about the food and drink of the doctor's choice!

He wanted mashed potatoes and gravy...Not this!!!

And I leave you with one last picture...proof that after all these years my parents still are in love with each other!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Laughter...the best medicine!

So, I just know that tomorrow will be a day FULL of laughs for me and my family. Why, you ask? Well, my dad is having surgery in the morning to repair a hernia. NO, that's not the funny part. The funny part is that my dad cannot tolerate medication at all. He's had this surgery two other times and both times he's kept us in stitches. I'm sure it doesn't help that my mother and I laugh when we are stressed. And we find hospitals stressful, especially with dad being the one in it! Seriously, if we find ourselves in a stressful situation, all we have to do is look at each other too long and we just bust. I don't know why we do it, I don't question it. I just enjoy the laughter and realize that's the way we roll.

My dad had this surgery 23 years ago and we still pick at him because he was so under the medication that he asked my husband (we were dating at the time) to pray for the man in the room with him. He gave us this long sob story about how this man was very sick and had no family near him and asked my husband to pray with the man. Being the kind soul that he is, Anthony asked my dad the man's name and he began to pray for him. My mother and I were rolling the whole prayer because my dad had told him the man's name was Fleet. Fleet happened to be the brand name of the enema that they had given my father before surgery! Anthony has no clue and is in some kind of deep travailing prayer for an enema...not a man. Of course mom had to add the comment at the end of the prayer that she hoped Fleet didn't come to church and run the isles when he got better. Yeah, that one cracked me up to the point of the nurse asking me to leave the room.

So, I'm off to pack a bag of goodies for the lil man to keep him busy during the wait tomorrow. I won't pack anything for me. I'm quite sure I'll be busy laughing most of the day.

And, here's a picture of my lil man, just because I like to put pictures with my posts.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

So, because one can never have too many friends, I decided to join in on the Friend Making Mondays that I found here. Today we are to share ten of our favorite things. Here's my list of favorite things.

1. This little boy has to be at the top of my favorites...he's our only child after many years of trying to have a baby and after three miscarriages. He was born 17 days before our 17th wedding anniversary! He's my little miracle from God!

2. I'd have to agree with my friend; Monica, that Michael Buble is definately one of my favorite things.

3. My Nikon camera! Love my camera!

4. Candles

5. Moose-Tracks Ice Cream. LOVE this stuff!

6. My very first Bible. It's so worn and tattered, but I know where to find every scripture that's ever brought me comfort in hard times because it's marked so well.

7. A Sonic Dr. Pepper with extra ice.

8. Hobby Lobby!

9. Corn & Green Beans! Seriously, I could find a way to incorporate them into every meal I cook. (Which frustrates my husband beyond belief!)

10. Pictures! I love to take pictures, edit pictures, look at other's pictures. Photos tell a story without speaking a single word.

So, that's a few of my favorite things. Now, I'm heading over to read all about everyone else's favorites. Have a blessed Monday.

From this...

To that...I almost kept this one!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The longest ten minutes of my life...

Okay, so I decided to take the challenge of the Nester. Am I the only one who couldn't stop and take 'after' pictures ten minutes into the game? Not that I'm complaining because I love the outcome. It's amazing what a little challenge will do for a room. My favorite part of the makeover was the top of the refrigerator. I bought the large piece at a garage sale and decided to spray paint it black because it was very ugly as silver and gold. It now has a perfect home. Here's my cluttered and messy kitchen before...

And, after about an HOUR and Ten minutes nice and very clean kitchen.

I cleared off the appliances that I rarely I have clean counter tops and a clear stove. Why haven't I done this before now???

I spray painted this large candle holder black, and added this vase and potpourri

This has to be my absolute favorite more remote control airplanes and helicopters on top of the refrigerator! I love this piece hanging on the wall above the refrigerator! And to think it's been sitting in my hall closet since I bought it last Saturday from a garage sale. I spray painted it black, and sandpapered the edges a bit to make it seem a little aged.

For the record, I hate this wallpaper, but since we are just renting at the present, that's not in the plans to be changed. I'll just disguise it the best as possible. Thanks for stopping in...