Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Love Taco Bueno!

I am in shock that anyone even read my blog on my experience with Taco Bueno...let alone that two individuals who work for Taco Bueno read it and responded. One responded to the blog here, the other emailed me personally. He was the Vice President of Operations for Taco Bueno. He was so nice and concerned with what had happened and wanting to make it right, that I started to feel bad about the blog. It seems that I had better be careful what I blog about on here! lol

Seriously...just in case you don't know it or in case anyone is wondering...I still love Taco Bueno. I just happened to visit at a bad time. We all have them! I still go there. I've been twice since the incident! I plan on going there for lunch tomorrow. Matter of fact, why don't you all join me for lunch there tomorrow? It's a date...noon tomorrow @ the Taco Bueno of your choice. Looking forward to lunch.

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