Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Kodak Moment...NOT!

Okay...I'm not going to say a whole lot here because I am still trying to calm down from my trip to Taco Bueno with my mother about an hour ago. It seems the more I think or talk about what happened the more upset I get. I do have one question though, WHY is it that when you order something at Taco Bueno it looks NOTHING like the picture they have on their menu screen???

I ordered a nacho salad, and I just knew I had seen meat on it in the picture above the cash register. Well, the one I got was pretty bare, and had only 15 chips...(YES, I counted them!!!) I mentioned this to the worker and she actually looked at the picture and smiled back at me and said nothing!

After I had eaten my meal, I ordered one of those little cheesecake chimicanga thingy's and it shows in the picture that it has powdered sugar on it. That's a lie too! It does not have powdered sugar on it. When I asked the lady if it was supposed to have powdered sugar on it, she looked at me like I had just stepped off the short bus. I just pointed to the picture and calmy asked them if they needed a new photographer. I left my name and told her I was available at any time. It's the least I can do for the public.


fasika said...

My name is Fasika Melaku and I work for Taco Bueno. I am so sorry to read about your experience at one of our locations. I assure you that your experience is neither our standard nor what we strive to deliver. I would love the chance to send you and your family a gift card for dinner so you can visit one of our restaurants again and enjoy the true Bueno experience! Please feel free to call me at 469-878-4621 or email me at so I can get your information. Take care, Fasika.

Carol Kennon said...

Fasika, Thank you for your kind reply. I know that what happened last night is not typical of Taco Bueno. I was just ranting and getting it out of my system. It just infurriated me that the worker treated me like she did. However, I am sure you will be pleased to know that it didn't stop me from returning to the food I am so addicted friends and I (Jenna) had lunch there today. This time I opted for the drive thru. :)