Thursday, November 6, 2008

My president...whether I voted for him or not!!

***Public Service Announcement***
Before you read this, you must know that this is just my personal conviction and view on the election. There were no intentions to offend or upset anyone. This is just my thoughts. LOL

It is easy to get caught up in all the drama and all the worry and such that this moment in our nation's history has caused for us as christians. I will be the first to admit to anyone that it grieved me and saddened me when it became clear Tuesday night that McCain was not going to take the vote. It saddened me and concerned me because I have a precious son, Landon, who will be affected by all that happens in this last day and time. It saddened me, as his mother, to see that this nation was turning against some of the very principal that founded us in the first place.

However, I also know that much more can be accomplished by us praying for our President-elect Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, and his daughters, Sasha and Malia, than will ever be accomplished by us grumbling and complaining. Having said that, I know some will criticize and say that I have made jokes and comments about the election...and I have. I have found humor in many of the emails, jokes, and things being said at this time. There is no harm or sin in that. I simply choose to find something to make me eases the pain of losing! lol The harm and even sin would be if I let it consume me and if I let myself become hateful or spiteful and portray a wrong attitude and spirit to others who think differently than I do about the outcome of the election. I must stop and pray for my leader. Whether he was my choice or not...he is my president and I am instructed by God in His word to pray for my leaders.

Matthew 12:25 says "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand."

A united house stands...a divided house falls. Satan has so much to gain if we allow ourselves to become part of something that divides us as a nation and as individuals. However, if we unite and stand together in prayer...satan has lots to loose. I believe that satan knows each of us well and he can use our attitudes in a time such as this to utterly destroy and bring havoc into our lives. What we need to do as a church and as christians in this last day and time is use these situations to show Christ in show what His character is like. This is a time for us to all shine as true Christians and show the world what the love of Christ really does. Love unites...Hate divides. We cannot allow our focus to be taken off the main thing here...the main thing being that God is still in control and He is coming back soon. We must pray more than ever and keep our spirit and attitude right before God. We must come together and pray for this great nation we love and for all of our leaders.

I personally refuse to be a part of hatred, prejudice, and discord. I will teach my son the truth and speak clearly to him so he knows the difference between right and wrong. I will teach him that sometimes people in powerful positions may teach or say things that we do not believe in personally, but I cannot teach him that one of the attributes of a Christian is to love and expect him to learn to love if I show hatred and prejudice towards a man that I didn't vote for. I must teach him to pray for our president-elect and for all our leaders and if I expect him to 'catch-on' then I must live it myself. I must stand for what is right, but I must do it in the right attitude. I must stand for truth on my knees...not in my attitudes.

I've said all the above to say this...Obama was not my choice for president. I did not vote for him. HOWEVER, I will pray for him and ask for God's guidance to be with him. I will ask God to be merciful to this country that I love. I will pray for Obama to make good decisions for this country. I must remember that Obama might be headed to the White House...but Jesus has been and still is on the Throne. I'm glad that He is still in control of everything!

~I'm Carol Kennon...and I approve this blog!~

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heather said...

great post! i am feeling convicted, now! thanks for sharing.