Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So, we're putting up our tree and decorating the house this week, and trying to get into the Christmas spirit. I have felt so bad the last few days that it's been a really slow process getting the tree decorated. Yesterday, I incorporated my little one's help. I ask him if he's excited about Christmas, and he says yes. Then I turn to the subject of taking a picture with Santa...should have left that one alone!

I ask him if he is going to take a picture with Santa and sit on his lap and tell him what he wants for Christmas. He tells me that he is kinda a little bit scared of Santa. I tried to explain to him that it's just an regular man dressed in a suit so that everyone will know it's okay for him to come down their chimney's and leave presents. I explain that everyone knows him by the red suit he wears and knows that he is a safe visitor. He grasped on to that fact well, and tells me that he will sit in his lap and take a picture this year.

Then, he has to go and ruin the whole 'Christmas' thing for me with his last comment. He turns around and says, "Mommy when I sit in Santa's lap, I'll just ask him if I can have all the toys you have in the closet! Those are the ones I want!" I tell you, I am crushed that he found my hiding place!!!

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Layla Frances said...

OH Carol, that is so funny! He is still young enough not to make the complete connection, in fact it may help him believe in santa even more if santa really does bring all the toys in the closet! ha ha cute!