Monday, March 9, 2009

Is the Weekend over???

Wow, what a LONG weekend it was! Friday night our church hosted a youth service. Our pastor preached and it was nothing short of a masterpiece. He ministered on 'Being the Devil's Worst Nightmare." It was a great service.
Here's me and my friend Jenna at the service.

After the service Friday night, I went to eat with another one of my best friends ever, Monica. (You can see her blog here.)

We always have the greatest time together! Friday night was no exception. We went to eat at Chili's and our husbands rolled their eyes and made goofy faces while we took pictures for what we call 'blog moments'.

They make fun of us for taking pictures of food and everything we do, but we know they secretly think we are the coolest people.

Things did get a little serious when two workers in the restaurant next door had a fight that resulted in one of them hitting the other with his car. AGH! (Can you believe I took a picture of the police cars and emergency vehicles?)

Right after the altercation with the workers next door was over, all the lights in our restaurant went out except for the bar area, (I took a picture of that too. I lead a sad life.)

We were pretty safe, Thanks to this guy who works for Chili's, and whom Landon happened to just love!

All in all we had a great night with our friends. Mainly because they don't get embarrassed when Landon pulls stunts like this.

After this picture you will understand why I stay behind the camera as much as possible!

Fast forward to Saturday. We wake up to a stray dog in our back yard that is very sick and hungry. My husband cannot leave a wounded or hungry animal alone. He feed the dog and gave him water and we leave to go to a birthday party with a sad little boy crying about leaving a dog we just met.

We left to go to the birthday party with plenty of time to spare, UNTIL I decided to lock the keys in the car. That would have been fine and we would have had a spare key had it been my car, but I was driving my sister's car. She had left her car for me to use as an extra car...and her spare key was WITH HER! Go figure. Yep, $50 and a broken door latch later we were back in the car. I kept telling the honeybun he should have called a locksmith in the first place and not try to get in himself.

By the way, I have to mention that I was talking to a friend about how I hated spending $50 for a locksmith and she said, 'We'll just pray that you get the money back somehow.' I have to tell you that I got that and more back. A sweet friend gave me a gift card to Hobby Lobby and another sweet friend gave me one to Bath & Body Works, then someone gave us $30 cash for no reason, then someone gave me back $20 I had given them months ago when they were in a tight spot and I had forgotten about it, and never even expected to be repaid. I had done it as a nice gesture of help to them, not to be paid back. And, a dear mechanic friend of ours fixed the door latch for nothing! Isn't God just great like that? Almost makes me want to lock my own keys in the car...ALMOST!

Sunday morning left me dazed and confused since we lost an hour of sleep, but thankfully we had some awesome church to get me through what seemed to be the longest weekend ever. Here's a sweet picture of my friend's son that was dedicated Sunday morning. Isn't he precious?


Sweet Nothings said...

Sounds like you had a very eventful weekend! My husband is the same way about blogging pictures! He always jokes about pictures "for the blog"! Have a blessed week!

Kimeri~ said...

Whew~ What a week-end. Hope the dog is going to be ok.
Landon takes after his silly
I recognize that precious little face. Glad to hear she got him dedicated. I wish them the best!