Monday, April 13, 2009


So I have been tagged to play this fun game of eights. I was tagged by Tanya at Miller Racing Family. She has some of the best recipes on her blog that you really should check out!

So, here is my list of eights.
8 things I am looking forward to...
1)Landon's birthday party in June.
2)Some family time in Arkansas.
3)church growth...we broke a record yesterday in church attendance...241
4)answers to some of the prayers we've been praying
5)Landon's little garden he planted growing it's first fruits/vegetables
6)my husband closing on the job he's working on
7)yard's a stress reliever for me.
8)getting my new zoom lens for my camera

8 things I did yesterday...
1)Went to church with my family and enjoyed a wonderful service
2)Hunted Easter eggs with Landon
3)Helped with all the Easter festivities after church for the kids
4)Talked with my former pastor's wife for a long time on the phone. Just an enjoyable catching up and chatting time.
5)Packed to go on a little vacation to Arkansas with my in-laws. (This trip was cancelled early this morning after learning our friends youngest son was found dead in his truck. We are heading to Louisiana again for the funeral instead.)
7)Cleaned house
8)Enjoyed a night at home with just my husband and son

8 things I wished I could do...

2)Loose weight fast! (Don't we all wish for that one?)
3)Get my laundry room organized
4)Get caught up on my son's scrapbooks
5)Trust people more
6)Keep my car clean! (My husband wishes for this too!)
7)Go on a month-long vacation
8)sleep in every day!

8 shows that I watch...
This is not a good question for me because I don't have any shows that I watch regularly, and don't even know what shows are on at this time other than the ones people blog about or ones that I read about in the paper or online. I'm too busy and gone too much. In my little world about all I know about television is PBS, and one of Landon's favorites is Sid, The Science Kid. We watch it when we are home. So, guess I'll skip to the next 8.

8 people I tag...
1)Monica...Whatever Things
2)Layla...These are the days
3)Kimeri...Kimeri's Kastle
4)Sondra...Dandee Gandees
5)Shirley...Dunn But Not Finished
6)You...if you want to join in the fun.
7)**just about everyone else has been tagged that I know!**
8)**had to make it look like an official 8!


Layla Frances said...

I did my 8 things post.....

Carol Kennon said...

Cool! I'll go read it.

Alexis said...

Thank you for the sweet comment! So glad to hear about your own little boy. What a miracle! But then, aren't they all? I'll be praying for your friend and the family.

Miller Racing Family said...

Thank you so much for playing. I have enjoyed playing and reading these list of eights as they let us get to know each other better.
I agree with you on yard work as a stress reliever. My favorite thing to do is mow the yard, because no one can bother me out there.
I am so sorry about your lost. I will be praying for your family.
Thanks again for participating and have a blessed Monday!

Debra said...

I enjoyed reading your list of Eights and I am so sorry to hear about your friend's boy dying. What a tragedy! I will add this to my prayer list.