Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How could I forget???

I have just been corrected by my son...I was looking at my blog and reading others blogs when he asked to see the picture of his first fish he caught last Tuesday. He was not too happy when I went to my blog and we couldn't find the pictures. So, here he sits in my lap at this late hour watching me put up his 'special' pictures. I wouldn't want to disappoint him!

A family in the church has a pond behind their house and Landon and his daddy went fishing in it last Tuesday while I was at ladies prayer meeting. The pond is really deep in some places so paranoid momma and pawpaw made sure that he had on a life jacket. You just never know when a boy is going to fall into the water!

You have never seen a happier little boy than he was! He caught the fish and reeled it in all by himself. He's become quiet the fisherman in the family since we have been here and near all the rivers, lakes and ponds. He loves to go fishing even if it's only for an hour! It's so hot these summer days that an hour is about all we can take of the heat.

This moment was so priceless! He was quiet upset that he had to let the fish go off the stringer and put him back into the water because it was too small. He saved it till I could get there to see it. He was crying because he wanted to bring it home and let it swim and live in his bathtub. But daddy said no. I was being a softie and wanted to let him bring it home and put it in a tank. Yeah, can you believe that? A city slicker willing to let her son keep a nasty fish from a pond in a tank in his room. Oh, what is happening to me? lol

Now that I have been a good mom and posted my son's special pictures, I must hit the hay and get some sleep. Tomorrow is a busy day for us. I am going with my mother-n-law and a couple of ladies from the church to pick out some new things for the ladies bathroom. Then after our Wednesday night church service, I have to come home and finish packing for our little trip Thursday and Friday.

I am so excited because we are going to go to the 95th Annual Louisiana District Camp Meeting Services. It's so out of character for me to be excited about going to a place that has thousands of people attending. I used to not be comfortable in crowds, but these days I find myself right in the middle of things and usually with people I have just met or never met. I love meeting all the new people I have met here, and I'm enjoying getting to know some really great people. Someone commented to me the other day that they were so shocked at how I had just come out of my shell and become so outgoing and how comfortable I was with the things that used to make me nervous. What could I say? I'm shocked myself! Go figure...anyway, good night to all. See you tomorrow.

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Debra said...

Love the pictures....he is so adorable and what a great catch he had! That was so sweet of you to put his pics on your blog for him. I know he must be proud of his fishing skills!!!