Thursday, June 4, 2009

This Could Be YOUR Lucky Day!!!

I will be drawing for the UPrinitng giveaway tomorrow morning, so don't forget to go here to post a comment and enter.

One lucky winner will receive an 18X24 poster print from So, hurry and enter for your chance to win. This could be your lucky day!

~~~~Also, please continue to keep PawPaw Guitar (my FIL) in your prayers as he is still in the hospital. His stress test came back with no blockage or heart damage, but he is still very ill and has no energy. He was going to be released yesterday evening but took sick again so they kept him to run some test on his gallbladder today.


Monica said...

Oh my goodness! Landon looks so grown up in that picture.Can't wait o see who wins tomorrow!!
I'm so glad your FIL's tests came back with no bad news I hope they find out whats making him feel sick.
Love ya!

Carol Kennon said...

Landon does look grown up in that picture, huh? I got him to be still long enough to get a new one. That's a challange.

Alexis said...

He's really sweet.