Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random Pictures

Here's some random pictures that I have been meaning to post but time has got away from me a lot lately. I just figured to combine them into one post...
Anthony and Landon riding the 4-wheeler in the yard. This is the same 4-wheeler Anthony wrecked on. He was doing donuts around a tree and going way too fast. It will be a while before you see pictures of him on it again since he has broken ribs on his right side and a chipped back bone fromt he wreck. He's learned that he is older than he thought and that he shouldn't do donuts at high rates of speed without lots of pratice. lol (Don't worry, Landon wasn't on it with him and Landon always wears a helmet if they are going to ride anywhere besides the front yard.)

We get lots of this stuff in Louisiana...but it helps to cool things off!

I love to take pictures of the raindrops on plants and flowers after a rain.

Everything looks so bright and fresh after the rain...

My lil Country Bumpkin

A few pictures of our trip to Louisiana District's 95th Annual Campmeeting. It was awesome!

Mickey Mangum singing God Bless America at the Friday night service. Since it was so close to July 4th, they had a patriotic tribute at the beginning of the service.

Landon and Mommy...I love this little boy with my whole heart...and then some!

I blame these last two pictures on our time spent at Grand Prairie UPC!!! Let me explain...we were doing lots of fundraising to send the kids at church to camp and so we would sell things after church and do different fundraisers in the foyer of the church...well, Landon only got that we were raising money...so since we've moved here he wants to raise money in the foyer here too! He does this by singing and playing his guitar. Only the money goes into his OWN pocket!

It doesn't help that everyone encourages his behaviour because they think it's cute.


Parsley said...

That is precious!

Monica said...

Love the pics,that Landon is something else!Ha!

Debra said...

Your little Country Bumpkin is so adorable!!! I love those pics of him! Oh and by the way...I'm so jealous that you have a fig tree...the picture made my mouth water. I haven't eaten figs right off the tree in many years and I absolutely LOVE fig preserves. :)