Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Today's Wordless Wednesday is being hosted by Simply Joyful Photos...head on over for some great photos. Today is Bloggers Choice.

Although this one is not actually a wordless photo, it is one of my favorites!


Terry said...

Howdy Carol
Happy Wordless Wednesday to you.
Great post ,those boots are so adorable on that cute little buckeroo .
I really love the side by side .
Such great inspiration.
Thank you also for posting about the human touch .
We all need this very special connection.
Blessings of joy to you and yours.
Happy Trails

Doreen said...

that first shot is adorable! what a ham.

the second is very touching.

Angela said...

What a cute little cowboy you have there! Gotta love those boots! You know it's funny but I haven't seen a pair of cowboy boots here in West Virginia that would fit my little man???? You would think WV stores would be full of boots for boys! lol

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Aimee said...

Oh, that first picture is just priceless! I see you are in Grand Prairie...I was just there this morning! I live in Arlington.

Carol Kennon said...

Thanks guys...I couldn't resist posting the first shot. He loves his cowboy boots and is in that stage where he only wants to wear his underwear when he's in the house. As annoying and embarrassing as it can be sometimes, I know I'll miss this stage in a few years!

Carol Kennon said...

The second photo is of my in-laws when we went fishing on Monday. I thought it was too neat a shot of them fishing off the bridge. Then I photoshopped their names like a carving into the tree.

Carol Kennon said...

Aimee, we actually just moved to Louisiana on June 9th...i just haven't had time to change my profile. But, I am coming home this week for a few days. Thanks for the comment...I told my husband we could use that first picture as blackmail when our son starts dating. lol

Simply Heather said...

What a cutie!! All boys just love their cowboy boots and running around in their undies :)

Well...atleast I think all do. I have three boys and I know they like hanging around their house in little to nothing covering them.

Happy WW!

Dawn said...

What a cute little buckaroo!

Enjoyed your post on human touch. It is so true. I've seen a hug or a pat on the hand bring people who aren't use to such contact to tears.

Carla said...

I had a cowboy just like this in my house once (actually I had a few:). Darling!

Elaine said...

Oh, Carol, Landon is so cute! I know you must be so proud of him. I have photos of my youngest son that are so similar to this one! He went through a cowboy boot phase too! And favorite underwear around the house...oh yeah. We have two older sons, then had Christopher when we had been married for 17 years! He is and always will be our "baby" even though he just turned 19! Time goes by so very fast....I know you're cherishing every minute with little Landon! :)

Miller Racing Family said...

Wow, I love both of the photos. The first one of Landon makes me laugh and reminds me of my little guy who also loves to take pictures in his underwear. Aren't they going to love those pictures when they are 16. The second photo is just so sweet.
Thanks for sharing!