Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pictures. Pictures. And more Pictures...

Saturday morning our youth group had a car wash for about three hours...and made almost $500.00! We had the best time.

One of the men in our church brought these puppies to give them away and guess who wanted it???

Yep, Landon wanted it and has cried for it since we left! He told me it was my choice...I could either get him a baby sister or the dog! Ummmmmm, yeah...the dog just might be coming home with us Monday.

He settled down a little when he got to ride in the Jeep with my friend, Sheree. I think Landon would live with 'Ree-Ree' if I'd let him. He just took up with her so fast and spends a lot of time with her. I'm just thankful that he has someone he feels comfortable staying with should we ever need to leave him for anything.

Wow, looking at the next picture, I realize that he has been 'cheezin' it all weekend!

Now, a few pictures of us. It's a rare thing...I'm usually behind the camera taking the pictures. My husband was interviewed for an article in the newspaper here, and they needed a famiy picture and a picture of him by himself. A friend of ours from the church who does photography took these for us. Thought I'd post a couple of them. For some reason Landon was 'cheezein' it big time today. We couldn't get a regular smile out of him for anything. That's life with a four yr. old! Trust me when I tell you that this was the best family shot we got. The other's his smile was even worse. We plan on taking family pictures later when he's not in this kind of mood. I'll just have to save a newspaper clipping for his scrapbook and show him when he's older just how he acted at important moments in our lives. HA!

I loved this one! I am a lucky girl!

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Miller Racing Family said...

Wow, I am so shocked by the amount of money you guys raised. Way to go. I love the photo of Landon and the puppy, what a cute little face. I had to get a kick out of the choice you had a sister or a dog. I guess Trey is not the only one that wants a new baby.
The photos of the family are very good, you are a lucky gal.
Have a great Monday!