Thursday, September 3, 2009

All By Ourselves...

We had the day off today and decided to leave town and spend it all by ourselves...just the three of us...Daddy, Mommy and Landon! If I could freeze today, I would. The day was nothing short of being perfect!

We went to a new beach we found on the internet, Broussard Beach, and played with Landon for a while. We left Broussard Beach and went to another area of beach where my husband lived before we met. While we were there we met an older couple who were originally from Germany and have recently moved here to Louisiana. They were fishing and had three poles set up. It so happened that they were both pulling in fish and couldn't help each other with the net to pull them in, so they asked my husband if he'd mind helping them. He loved it, and Landon was really amazed at the large fish!

They asked me to take some pictures of them together fishing and email it to them, so I did. Since I didn't ask them permission to share their pictures with the world, I'll just show you pictures of the fish. They were the sweetest couple, and such a joy to met.

Of course now Landon is all about catching his own big fish!

Landon with Daddy

Landon wanted me to hold him and walk through the water. The things you do for your kid! He knows mommy won't normally get in the water, as I am terrified of water. I love to go to the beach and I love the sights and sounds of the water, but I seldom get wet or in the water. This is a fear I will have to conquer since my husband is getting a boat and just about all our friends have boats. They all keep telling me it's can't live here and be afraid of water. I have come to understand why some of them are nicknamed and called "River Rats", and that's all I'd better say about that subject.

I noticed today as we were walking on the beach that the footprints were different than I'd seen before. Take a close look.

Instead of normal impressions or imprints it looked like they were embossed or raised footprints. It may not mean much to some, but when I took the pictures of mine and Landon's footprints, it was as if I heard that still small voice speak something special to my heart.

The last several days I have had a battle with depression symptons and have felt like I was once again sinking into that pit of despair that I had fallen into years ago. I have fought back hard, as I know where that path can and has taken me before. I simply refuse to walk that road again, and when these feelings come, I find a way to stay outdoors and be with my family as much as possible. As I looked at these footprints today, that still small voice said to me that my feet were not going to sink, that I would find my joy in the days to days like today. As simple as the words might seem to some, it lifted my spirts and caused a smile to come on my face. The very comment I had made to my husband was that I felt like my feet were sinking into the sands of time and that I was slowly but surely falling lower and lower. I believe the Lord knows how much I love photography and how much I enjoy looking at pictures, and I can't help but believe that He knew these photographs would encourage me more than any words someone could have spoken to me. I'm thankful that He knows just where we are and sends help and hope our way in these times of life!

There was such peacefulness and such relaxation today and I felt like God had planned everything special just for me. I felt like He had chosen me, (out of all the millions of people in His care), to give special attention to. I'm thankful that God knows just what our hearts need and He sends us Hope just at the right time. Before I end this post, let me show you the special sunset He painted this evening...JUST FOR ME!


Parsley said...

Keep on smiling and fighting off that burden of depression. We all have SO much to be thankful for and I can see you've found that joy in your family. Hugs.

Alexis said...

I love that about the footprints. Don't you love it when God works little "miracles" just for you? Aren't you glad you're His child? Isn't He just the best Father ever?

I'm so glad that I know Him! And I'm glad that He gave you some encouragement, dear friend!

Monica said...

Beautiful pictures,love ya Sis.Carol.

Miller Racing Family said...

I love the photos in the sand.
Have a great Labor day weekend!