Monday, September 14, 2009

Heading west...I think.

Actually, I am so bad with directions, we could be heading due north and I wouldn't know the difference, but you get the drift...we are going somewhere.

By the time this is scheduled to post, I will probably be sitting in my first of several seminars for the day. We are to be in Tioga, LA. this morning by 8:30. My husband is meeting the board of the UPCI (United Pentecostal Church International)to have his ministerial license's reinstated in the state of Louisiana. I'm excited about the classes they are offering the wives. I used to be quiet a bit more backward than I am at the present, and would almost buckle with fear at the thought of sitting with that many people in a room, but today I am only filled with excitement. After our classes and meetings, we both will meet the board at 6:00 tonight together.

The best part of all is that Landon is going to be spending the day with my husband's aunt who lives about 25 minutes from Tioga. He's going to her house and after our day is done, we'll go to spend the night and spend tomorrow with them. Anthony's grandparents are supposed to meet us this evening for supper and several other of his family members will be there also. I like the fact that Landon will be near us and still have a day full of memories with some of our family that he doesn't see very often. He knows his Aunt Dean Dean has a pond and several animals, and a tractor, so he's so excited that he won't miss us!

We are coming home sometime late Tuesday or early Wednesday morning. So, if you have a moment today, say a prayer for us as we travel. And say a prayer for my husband, as he is super nervous about this day. Which is very odd. Honestly, the man is so calm that most days I have to check for a pulse to know that he's alive.