Sunday, October 25, 2009

I wish there was a word bigger than THANKS!

There are those times in life when words fail...tonight was one of those times! October is Pastor Appreciation month, so the church had a reception for my in-laws and my husband and I tonight after service. My jaw literally dropped when my mom-n-law came and got me to show me the cake and all the stuff they had for us. The food was great, the decorations beautiful, the cake gorgeous, and the gifts perfect! They even gave Landon a gift card so he could go pick him out a new toy. How sweet was that?

I couldn't help but laugh when I seen this...

let me explain...the young girl that was given this piece of cake said she hated to bite into my face! I laughed so hard...I told her to take advantage of it and go ahead and bite my head off for once!

I love these people so much!! They give me so many reason to smile and laugh. I am thankful that the road of life has taken me here to serve such wonderful people. THANK YOU, Pentecostal House of Praise for treating us so kindly tonight...and always. You are all so special to me and I love each of you so dearly. You are my family.

My in-laws...

Anthony, myself and Landon...

I am so used to being on the other end of this story...for many many years, I have been the one helping decorating, preparing and serving at these types of functions, so it's overwhelming for me to be on the receiving end. I know the hard work and preparations that go into something like this. I know all the planning it takes. I know how time consuming it is. Therefore, I so wished there was a word bigger than 'THANKS'...because I would surely use it to tell everyone here how much I appreciate all that was done for us tonight!

My buddy, who is an awesome photographer, took pictures of everything tonight, so when he brings me the CD of pictures, I'll have to share them, but for now these are all the pictures I have.

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