Sunday, December 13, 2009

Out of the mouth of babes...

Well, it's been a busy few days for me. We had our Ladies Christmas party/gift exchange in Beaumont, Texas on Thursday night and had a wonderful time. Then on Friday night we had a Redneck Christmas Party with our youth group that was about the funniest thing I have ever attended in my life! Definitely different and very entertaining. I'll have to do a post on that one with pictures later. Then on Saturday night we had our church Christmas banquet.

At the church Christmas banquet Saturday night, the church gave my husband and I and my in-laws our gifts. The church family decided that they wanted to give Landon his own special gift, so they bought him a really neat tent with tunnels and all that he was so excited about. He told his daddy that he wanted to tell everyone thank you again Sunday night, so we thought what harm could that do?

Let me tell you...It was HARMFUL!

After our service Sunday evening, my husband told Landon to come to the platform and stand by him, and then he asked me and my in-laws to come stand there also. My husband said, I think Landon will speak for all of us when he tells you thank you tonight. REALLY???

Well, Landon gets the mike and he tells the church these exact words...
"Thank you for my gift you gave me. I really like the tent. And, last night my daddy crawled in the tent with me and he was crawling in the tunnel part and he got stuck in it, and my mom wanted to get her camera and take a picture, but she couldn't because my daddy was in his pj's...ONLY MY DADDY'S PJ'S IS ACTUALLY JUST HIS UNDERWEAR!"

As you can imagine, my husband turned all shades of red, and went to the baptistery door and just sat there father-n-law went to sit in his chair and just laughed his head off...I went to hide behind the piano and my mother-n-law followed me and sat down and just couldn't stop laughing. Meanwhile the church family is falling out of the pews laughing. It was one of those PRICELESS moments. One that I wish someone would have caught on video. I'm sure we could have entered that one and won something!

I had to laugh because my father-n-law made the statement that 'You're never too old to learn something'...and we just learned that Landon should never be given a microphone! Oh, the things kids decide to share with everyone.


Parsley said...

That is TOO funny!

Miller Racing Family said...

You will have to tell your husband we are all laughing at this in Missouri at the newspaper office. But don't worry we won't put it in the paper.
Thanks for the laugh!

Carol Kennon said...

I'll tell him. No worries...we live in a small town, so that's just like putting it in the paper. My husband is SO dreading preaching at church tonight. He told me that if one person looks at him and gives him that funny smile, he's gonna loose it because he knows they will be seeing him in his underwear, and not the suit he'll be wearing! lol