Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Some days...

Some days you're the cookie...some days you're the monster!

Today...well, I'm afraid I've been more of a monster than anything. I am so exhausted. Thankfully, my precious little guy has been so busy with all his Christmas toys that he's hardly even noticed that his mom is a grump today!


Parsley said...

Oh darlin...those are just the after Christmas Scrooges that I've blogged about. We moms are so busy working in the house and preparing that we are just exhausted afterward seeing all the mess and clutter that is left over.

Get some rest. Let the clutter lay and make yourself take a days vacation.

Carol Kennon said...

Thank you, Parsley. Guess I'm just a normal tired mom about now. Wish I could take that vacation day, but we have a viewing and funeral at the church tomorrow. A very large funeral too, so I have lots to do. I was just taking down all the Christmas decorations at the church and cleaning and putting up some new things as I went. Now I must step things into high gear in order to be done in time for the funeral. That vacation day will have to come next Monday.