Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Time to get outta the sandbox...

My husband preached a message Sunday evening about stepping out into the greater things that God has for us in this new year, and about re-arranging our thinking to accept greater things He has for us. As I was sitting here today thinking about the message and all the things that we have dreams of doing this year, it was as if my eyes just opened up to a whole new understanding.

Now, you have to remember that I'm a mom...Landon's a toddler...just 4yrs old. Therefore, I think in simple terms and not like some do. Here's my understanding and explanation of my husband's message:

It's time to stop playing in the 'sandbox'...when God wants to take us to the 'beach'...you know, I like my way of saying it better.

So, I'm off to pack up all my toys, this sandbox is too small for the dreams I have for this year!

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Miller Racing Family said...

I think all of us mommies think in the simple terms. Great post, it got me thinking.
Have a fabulous day!