Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TEXAS Bound!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited that Landon and I will be leaving in the morning to go spend a few days in Texas with my family. My sister and baby brother are going to meet us there also, so we'll all be at moms together once again.

Landon seen the specialist on Monday and he said his nose is healing really well, and the sinus cavity and nostrils are looking great. His only suggestion was that Landon not bump his nose in any way or rub it or pick it for the next four to six weeks. Hmmmm...yeah...that's gonna be hard to watch out for. He's four. Four-yr old's pick their nose. You can't stop them. And, they are going to run and probably fall at some point in a month. Especially if they are boys! But, we'll try.

My cousin is getting married on Saturday, and Landon is the ring bearer. I'm hoping, praying, crossing my fingers, and anything else I can think of that he just walks down the aisle, and stands like he's supposed to and does not make any scenes to embarrass me. He's all boy and does not like to stand still very long and becomes bored pretty fast. This ought to be fun...

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