Thursday, May 20, 2010

Early Birthday Present...

Landon's birthday is in a couple weeks, but he's getting to enjoy his present a little early. Mainly because we let him pick out what he wanted, and he couldn't wait for us to put it up!

He's wanted a trampoline for a long time, but momma has been set against him having one because I didn't want to deal with all the injuries I hear about happening on a trampoline. Needless to say, Landon won out when he hugged me and kissed me in the store yesterday and told me that he 'loved me bigger than space'...I mean, really, it's not fair when he pulls those kind of stunts!

He jumped straight out of bed and went outside to see if the trampoline was set up this morning. My poor husband had been working since about 6:30 on it and was hoping to have it completed before Landon came outside. That didn't happen!

My apologies for the lack of clothing in this picture, but he didn't take time to get clothes on, and I wanted pictures of when he first seen it and got on it.

And of course, daddy is not as easy going as momma on the no clothes thing, so he sent him inside real fast to get some clothes on so momma could take decent pictures to post 'to show the world just what the Kennon family is up to because we wouldn't want the world to go a day without knowing what we're doing now, would we?' (He cracks me up with his annoyance with my blogging sometimes.)

Don't worry...we bought a safety enclosure net and padding for all the poles, but Landon wanted to jump on it while daddy is working on finishing it.

And, just so that the world knows everything that the Kennon family is up to, I thought I'd post these pictures. Because, you know...I want the whole truth out there, honey!

Now...that's enough playing...get finished with installing the safety enclosure, dear! Or, I'll have to tell the world on you!

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