Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Prayer Request

We just got back home from Arkansas. We had just arrived and started unpacking when we received the call that a dear friend of ours and a member of our church had been taken to the hospital with a heart attack/stroke and died. Our hearts have been heavy and grieved since the call. Our focus was on coming home and being with this family that has been a dear friend to us for many, many years.

Please say a prayer for the Hyatt family and for our church family. Wayne Hyatt was a great asset to our congregation and our platform will not be the same without him there. My heart is heavy...my questions are many...

I can't help but smile at the conversation I had with Bro. Wayne Hyatt just this past Sunday morning before service started. I asked him, "How are you, Bro. Wayne?"
He answered in the usual response that he always had..."I was good...but now I'm better."

He LOVED to come to the house of the Lord and worship Him in praise and song. He loved the preached word of God. He simply was a joy to be around and you were going to laugh and smile if you were in his presence. It's just who he was.

I can't help but think that if I could ask him about now, "How are you, Bro. Wayne?" that his response would be even more so..."I was good...but now I'm better!"

You see, the view he has now is so much better than what we are left with here in this earthly body. The joy he has is so much greater than what we can experience here. The peace and rest that he's entered into is far beyond what one can find here on earth. Yes, I'd have to say that he was doing pretty good here...but now he's so much better!


Miller Racing Family said...

Bless your heart! We will pray for all of you.

Elena said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. Take care and I pray your hearts will be comforted.