Monday, June 21, 2010

He knows what's best for me...

I just have to trust Him!

I know that God knows what's best for me and my life and that nothing happens without His knowledgement. I know that he sees my disappointment when things don't unfold in my life the way I had envisioned. Oh, if only I could life up my eyes to the heavens and see His hand moving with eternal purpose...then I could better understand. Then my questions wouldn't be so many.

I have to remind myself that my life here is just temporary or in other words...I'm not 'home' yet. So, for now, I must trust God with my disappointments, my hurts, my fears, and my questions and let Him lead the way. I can't and won't give UP, but rather GIVE IN! I must give in to His way and His plan for me, knowing that He only desires what is best for me and that He see's so much further down this road of life than I can.

Even when I don't understand...I trust you, Lord. I'll just hold on tighter to Your hand knowing that You will lead me in the right path.

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Elena said...

Well said! I agree whole heartedly.