Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hold On To Your Party Hat...

Micah 7:8 [i]Rejoice not against me, O mine ememy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me.[/i]

...so hold on to that party hat just a bit longer, don't open that bottle yet, don't start celebrating, don't write the epitaph yet. All the talk, the words, the lies, the deeds someone's done for your harm cannot work unless you let it! What they meant for your set back is just a part of the 'set-up'...just part of God's way of taking the chaos people create and working it into a plan for your life.

See, someone can say or do something that can make you fall down for a bit, but the story ain't over unless you choose to stay down. SO....GET UP...CARRY ON...JUST SAY, SO WHAT...come back, stronger than ever. Stand up and say...Rejoice not... Let them know their party is over...Let them know that you are choosing to rise above all the cheap talk and lies and such. DO NOT give them place in your life! Do what the eagle does to it's prey. The eagle will rise above and fly high into a diminsion that other animals cannot fly or live in. The eagle flys so high with it's prey in it's mouth that the altitude actually sucks the oxygen (or the life out of) it's prey and kills it.

I believe that there are situations in our lives where we have to fly so high that it sucks the life out of the things that prey upon us. We have to walk and live in a different diminsion...one that's above all the junk that weighs us down. I wonder, could it be why Jesus tells us to mount up with wings as eagles? Could it be that the Lord is wanting us to take some of these petty little things and take them to a different diminsion of prayer and choke the life right out of them so we can just go on and have true freedom and revival? Hmmmmmmm....could be?

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