Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daddy's got a girlfriend!!

Maybe I had better explain....I was sick Sunday and did not make it to church. I had a stomach virus and stay in bed most all day. Since I did not feel like cooking my husband decided to pick up a pizza on the way home from Sunday School. When they got home, Landon looked at me really serious and said, 'Mommy, daddy got us lost on the way home.' Of course I asked him some typical questions...'You got lost?...Really honey?...Where did you and daddy go?'

His answer astounded me. He said that "Daddy went to see his girlfriend!" Hmmmm...good thing I trust my husband to the fullest. I asked Landon if daddy's girlfriend was pretty...he said yes. I asked him what his daddy's girlfriend's name was...he said, Gearl...(my mother-n-laws name). At this point, his daddy decides to jump in the conversation to set the record straight.

He asks Landon if daddy really has a girlfriend...Landon answers YES! He asks Landon what her name is...he answers, Carol...or mommy, and smiles really big and says I'm just playing. Where in the world do they learn these things???

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