Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Purse...

What does your purse say about you???

My purse would reveal that I am definitely a mom of a little boy!! And very unorganized, but prepared for just about anything! I carry just about everything in it that you could imagine...I'll type the list as I look through it...
tissues (some clean, some not!)
medicine (all kinds)
hand sanitizer
cell phones (one that works and one that doesn't work for my son to play with!)
extra clothes for the little guy
extra pair of glasses (prescription glasses)
prescription sunglasses
disc of pictures I need to print
digital camera
socks for the little guy
hand wipes
papers from Sunday School that the little guy colored
hair gel
toilet paper (the small travel roll) (You just never know where you might get stranded!!)
pocket knife
more keys
oops another set of keys
dental floss (????maybe from the last visit to the little one's dr.???)
Chick-fil-A mints (I LOVE those mints! I take some each visit!)
Chick-fil-A santi wipes (guess I take some of those each visit too?)
sweet &low packets (I'm beginning to wonder if I have a theft problem??? LOL)
toothpicks (yep, must have a theft problem...I'm convinced now!)
bubbles from a wedding two weeks ago
and probably the weirdest thing of all...a broken vacuum cleaner belt (to remind me I need to buy more!!!) That's not worked so far! I seriously need to clean this big bag out! I'm on it...right after I have one of those mints!!

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