Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day!

Today is Veterans Day...now I didn't realize this until a funny thing happened to me today. I was on the phone with my friend, (Jenna) when I pulled up to the bank to cash a check. I put my hands on the door and just happened to look down and in the lobby of Chase bank there was a set of keys and some bank bags laying on the floor. I panicked!! I just knew that I was had almost walked in on a real life bank robbery in process! Seriously, I said to Jenna, "hold on...I'm outta here."

When I got in my car and pulled out of the parking lot, (very hurriedly!) I told Jenna what I had seen. She told me to let her go and to call the cops...I'm guessing that she had no clue it was Veterans Day either! :) So, I called 911 and done my duty trying to protect my fellow human who just might be in trouble at the bank I had just left.

The operator took my call and said, "Ma'am we have had several calls today on this, an officer has been by and checked things out and since the banks and post offices are closed for the holiday today we are assuming that everyone is okay at the bank and the bank bags and keys you see inside the foyer area are for the crew coming in the morning.

Boy...did I feel dumb. And that is how I knew today was Veterans Day! Glad I decided to go to the bank or I might have forgotten to take flowers and a flag to my grandfather's grave at the DFW National Cemetery this afternoon.

On a more serious note, THANK YOU to all of our veterans who have served or who are currently serving this beautiful country and who have fought for the freedom that I enjoy every day. You are all my heroes!

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