Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mud Bath & Signing off for a bit...

We have a corner area of our back yard that Landon loves to play with his dump trucks in because the grass doesn't grow real well there under the tree. He always has so much fun, but mom decided to show him a whole new level of fun yesterday. The dirt was already pretty loose from his digging and he's even dug out a huge hole that he uses as his dumping spot for his trucks. I introduced him to the water hose, and let him fill the hole up with water and play in the mud. He had a blast.

He decides he needs one of the frogs from my flower bed to put into his pond. Just a little side note about me...I love garden frogs, and have several of them...but can't stand to be near a real one. I'm terrified of them.

Here's where he decided to put the water hose through a hole in the fence and wet the neighbor's dog...yes, the dog that stays inside the house!

Landon decides to decorate the sidewalk with his muddy hand prints.

I love to see the pure joy on his face like this. I was hosing him off so he could come inside for a bath.

Ready to go inside for a real bath...

And, while he was taking a real bath, I used the opportunity to tell him a Bible story about Jesus healing the blind man and how Jesus took the same type of mud he just played in and made the blind man's eyes so he could see. He was pretty amazed and responded with, 'But I don't need mud in my eyes mommy, I can see.' I love this little boy! He's really is one of the best things in my world.

***On another note, we will be leaving shortly to go out of town, and I will probably be so busy I won't have as much time as normal to post. My husband is going to be preaching @ his dad's church in Louisiana this week, and then on Thursday we leave there to travel again and spend the next week preaching for his uncle and his brother and another minister friend we've know for many years.

Say a prayer for me, because I am way out of my comfort zone. I am a homebody and love to be at home. I don't mind going away for a couple of days, but being away for two weeks is longer than I am used to. I will also have to be singing by myself a lot on this trip, and I am much more comfortable singing with a group of people or in a choir.

But that's what I love about God. He pushes me to get out of my comfort zones. He pushes me to fly when I have learned to be content with running. Sometimes we become so comfortable with where we are in our walk with God that we don't realize or see the need to step it up a bit. We don't realize that there are greater things if we walk into a new dimension in Him. I've learned that while I may not be comfortable during the process He takes me through of growing in Him, when He is finished working, I have always loved the results. I'm just the clay, He's the potter and He knows what's best for my life. I trust Him. Hope you all have a wonderful week...and I am hoping that my brother keeps my house clean while he's housesitting! That's probably not gonna happen.


Kelly said...

Your son is adorable. I can imagine he had a blast playing in the mud and getting dirt.

Enjoy your time away even if it is out of your comfort zone.

I'm glad you found my blog. I can't believe how close you are to me. I completely recognized that picture of Party City a couple posts back where you locked your keys in your car.

Kimeri~ said...

Landon is the cutest little thing! Love those eyes!!
I will say a prayer for you all while you are on the road. God is gonna bless.

Monica said...

I also have a picture of Caleb and Sara playing in the mud,I think it was one of the best days of their lives:)
I recognized that Party City too when you posted that picture,I love going to the Half Price Books right next door!
I miss you already friend!

Tanya from Miller Racing Family said...

Trey and I just loved the pictures of Landon. Trey liked the one with Landon standing in the mud and mine was the ones at the end when he was going in. He is such a cute little boy.
I will be praying for you the next couple weeks as I know how you feel as I am also a homebody. Have a blessed trip and I can't wait to read all about it.

Debra said...

Carol, thank you so much for your prayers, they are much appreciated!