Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Feet...they smell wonderful!!!

Bath & Body Works lotion....$10.50
Bottle of Gucci Perfume...$68.00
Knowing your child really grasped his Sunday School lesson...PRICELESS!

I spent most of the morning yesterday wondering why in the world my son would be wanting to put lotion and perfume on my feet? I couldn't quite grasp his reasoning. I was laying in bed not feeling well most of the morning, so I was in the perfect position for him to carry out his duties of spraying my expensive perfume on my feet. I finally asked him if my feet stunk to him. He just said no, and sprayed them again and rubbed them.

So, I done what most mothers would do. I took my perfume away from him and told him to not get them out again. If I had only known what he was trying to portray...if I had only known!

Much later that afternoon we sat down to eat dinner and Landon stopped and smelled my feet! I gave my husband a look of despair, wondering what in the world was going on with the feet issues Landon was seeming to have. My husband asked Landon what he was doing and his reply was this..."That lady in the Bible poured perfume on Jesus' feet because she loved Him."

Yeah, we both just sat there and looked at each other in shock with the biggest smiles on our faces. I had tears in my eyes...just knowing that he had grasped the lesson his WONDERFUL teachers had taught him in Sunday School.

See, the young lady that taught the lesson this past Sunday had read the kids the Bible story of the woman that poured out the expensive oil on the feet of Jesus as an act of worship, and to bring the story to the level of the 2-3 year olds in the class she sprayed perfume on their feet and let them smell the expensive perfume like the woman used on the feet of Jesus. (Granted she told me she had the Avon Sweet Honesty version of expensive oil, which I may have to buy for the little one to use if he keeps acting this story out!) She then brought in how God had made their noses and let them smell many things including their snacks. If I had been near her yesterday I would have given her the biggest hug ever because she touched my baby's life and gave him such a deep understanding of the Bible. Thank you!

~~~~Warning...I'm about to go and get all serious on you guys for a moment!~~~

Allow me to open up and be really honest with you guys for a moment. After I realized what Landon had been trying to do with my perfume yesterday, I had one of those moments. A moment where you check yourself and look deep inside. One thought came to my mind...DO I LOVE ENOUGH TO GIVE LAVISHLY???

Landon could have cared less how much that perfume cost. Matter of fact I am quite sure the reason he choose it was because he knows it's one of my favorite bottles of perfume. The bottle is beautiful, the smell of the perfume is beautiful...he knows how often I wear it and how much I love it. He choose the best to spray on my feet! He was LOVING LAVISHLY!

I had to wonder...Do I give God my very best? Do I pour out my greatest praise and worship to Him? Or do I tend to give Him what's left after a hard day? Furthermore, do I love lavishly on others that I meet who are longing and looking for something more in their lives? Do I care enough to take the time to show them there is a better way, a better life, something more than just existing in this world? Do I give enough of myself to make sure that they know someone cares about them and what happens in their life? Sometimes when we look deep inside and are honest with ourselves we don't like what we see.

Love gives sacrificially. The ultimate illustration of such love is described in John 3:16. 'For God so loved the world...that He gave His only begotten son.'

When I think about how much was paid for my sins, then I realize that I need to give up the selfishness and stop grasping for earthly things and earthly gain. Then and only then can I be content to humbly serve and to give my very best to the One who gave His all for me! I can't wait for next week's lesson!

Here's my alabaster perfume...suddenly it has a whole new meaning when I spray it on!


Debra said...

Oh Carol what a sweet, sweet story, it made me tear up! These moments are priceless aren't they? Your son is adorable! He learned a great lesson in Sunday School and then turned around and acted it out. If only all of us would learn from Jesus and then act out His example!!! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more on your blog.

Tanya from Miller Racing Family said...

Carol what a wonderful post. Landon sounds like such a smart and sweet little guy. As you told the story I could almost feel the pride that you and your husband have for Landon come through the compture. Thanks for taking time to tell the story, that also caused me to pause a think about my life for a moment. Have a blessed day!

Kimeri~ said...

What a precious story! It made me tear up and check ,yourself as well. Thanks for sharing. I would love to have your permission to share this in my Christian Moms group if you don't mind.

Sweet Nothings said...

Oh how sweet and loving of your son to do that for you! That's awesome that he was able to grasp the message of his Sunday school class! You bring up a great reminder for all of us. Are we really giving God everything we've got? Sometimes, actually many times, I know I fail at that. Thanks for sharing!

Carol Kennon said...

Kimeri, of course you can use the story in your Christian Moms group. It really made my husband and I proud that he really got the message. Not just the fact that he knew the story, but he knew the lady was doing it because she loved Jesus.

Then to be the one that he chose to portray that act of love on, well, lets just say my head was swolen! :)

Donley and Sondra said...

Thank you. I needed to read this today. :)

Dunn But Not Finished said...

How precious! I teach the 2/3 year olds at our church on Wednesday nights and this story absolutley thrilled me. As a teacher, I often wonder if they are really understanding it! I will be sharing this with the other teacher in my class. Enjoying your blog!