Monday, March 2, 2009

Toy Story 3

SO, I think my little one has seen Toy Story one too many times. That or his passion for rockets are just out of control.
Take a look at this picture...What is this you ask???

It's two of his army men taped to a rocket engine! Yes, he taped them to a rocket engine! When I asked why, he replied "He wanted to send them to the moon." Simple enough answer. The problem I have with it is that this rocket engine is very powerful. VERY powerful. His dad and him fly model rockets that go up to 1500 feet in the air and then parachute down. Well, obviously Landon has been watching very closely as his dad put the rocket together.

The toilet paper you see in the bottom of the rocket is the wadding that you use to ignite the fuselage in the engine. (Or at least that what my 3 yr old tells me!) And don't comment to tell me that word is misspelled. I have not a clue what a fuselage is, let alone how to spell it. :)

Well, the way I found this scene being played out today was Landon came and asked me if I could light a candle with the matches. I knew something was up because when I do light my candles he's forever blowing them out. But, since this was the second time he's built this contraption we had hid the matches. We only thought we had hid the engines! I asked why he wanted my candles lit, and after pulling it out of him, he takes me to the back yard to show me what he's built and tells me that he could use the candle to light the rocket engine. He's a thinker and I'm gonna have to stay on my toes for sure now!

I asked why he scribbled on it with a blue marker? Seems that is not scribble, but his name so that if the rocket falls then people will know it's his.

Maybe I should have named him SID???

EDIT: edited to include a picture of his new addition. Since we have removed all the rocket engines and locked them in the shed outside, he came running to me last night to show me the MISSLE he had built from things he found in his room and the trash. Here it is...

He made it out of rubber bands, an old foam dart from a dart gun he has, tape, the barrel of a broken cap gun, and pieces of a broken toy I had just thrown in the trash. Will this obsession with rockets and missiles ever end??? Oh, how I long for the days of the Elmo obsession again! At least they were harmless.

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