Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm Still Laughing!!!

Okay, so everyone knows how much talk is going around about the Swine Flu. It's everywhere and on many of our minds. I can't help it, I'm just one of those paranoid moms who tries to make sure I do everything possible to insure that Landon is safe and all the surfaces he touches in public are clean and disinfected. Especially shopping carts! I even carry my own hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes in my purse.

So, Landon heard us talking about it last night with my mom and, of course Landon had some questions for me about it. I tried to explain what Swine Flu was in a way that a three yr old could grasp. What I told him was that it was a sickness that came from pigs and things that other little boys touch and it would make him very sick and have to go to the doctor. That's NOT what he grasped!

Today we went to Wal-Mart and before I could take a wipe out to clean the cart, I hear this coming from Landon's mouth..."Mommy, don't forget to 'infect' the buggy. I don't want to be 'pig-sick'!

...I'm still laughing every time I think about it! I'm also thinking that maybe I didn't really do a very good job explaining things to him? Oh, I LOVE this kid! God knew what He was doing when He blessed our home with this little boy. I'm proud to be his mom. It the best job I've ever had.


Miller Racing Family said...

Can you hear me laughing out loud. Don't kids just say the cutest things. I also love the picture of Landon he is so precious.
Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day!

Debra said...

Ok, I'm laughing too! This is one of those priceless stories. Thanks for sharing it with us. Landon is so adorable and very cute too!

Kathy said...

How cute - he's a doll baby!

char72 said...

You are truly blessed with this darling boy. This reminds me of an email I got yesterday. It said "Obama will be president when pigs fly." The next line was "Swine flu".
Have a great day.