Sunday, April 26, 2009

Friend Makin Monday

Today on Friend Makin' Monday, found here, we are doing the 5 Senses Tag.
We are to list 4 things we love, and one thing we dislike, for each category. Here goes...

1.Looking at the world through the lens of my camera!
2.Watching my little boy sleep.
3.Watching my little boy interact with his dad.
4.That look someone gives you when they are pleased with something you gave/made for them.
1.Watching someone I love cry.

1.My little boy tell me he loves me too.
2.Hearing the key in the door when my husband comes home!
3.Listening to the birds and animals on a still night/morning.
4.The preached word of gives me strength!
1.Hearing someone put others down or talking about them in a negative way!

1.Chocolate Molten Cake from Don Pablos!
2.My MIL's homemade biscuits.
3.Nuts! (Except for peanuts)
4.Mexican food of just about any kind.
1.The taste of tears falling down my cheeks, into my mouth.

1.Holding Landon after his bath right before bedtime and snuggling!
2.Those unexpected moments when my husband takes my hand for no reason!
3.The hand of a friend offering encouragement/support when I am praying.
4.The feel of my little boy's hands on my face when he wakes me up or kisses me!
1.a dirty dishrag forgotten overnight in the sink!

1.The smell of rain coming.
2.Coffee brewing early in the morning...even thought I don't drink it!
3.Freshly mopped floors.
4.The smell of something baking in the oven.
1.The smell of still makes me very ill to this day.


Xazmin said...

Loved your answers! I also love the smell of rain!

Funny you put coffee on your "love" list and I put it on my dislike!

Happy Monday!

Kasey said...

Great list! I too love the smell of coffee but don't really drink it! It for sure doesn't taste as good as the way it smells does it?! have a great day!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

It is so obvious how much you love your little boy!! So sweet!

Loved your answers!

Have a great week!


Mrs. J L said...

Oh my goodness...I agree with almost ALL ur answers! Great lists!!!

Xazmin said...

I already commented, but I wanted to tell you I think your little boy is so beautiful!

Keri said...

Freshly mopped it!! Totally forgot that one! Especially when I use Fabuloso.

Great list!!

Rhonda said...

I loved you list! Your header is adorable too! I believe this is my first nice to meet you!

Oh the dreaded, forgotten dishrag! That is disgusting! I pick it up with tongs...hate the touch and smell! UGH!

I love the sound of my dh coming home! Love it!

Have a great week!

Tanielle said...

Love your lists!! So many things we can enjoy in this world huh? Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful night!


Christie in Dallas, TX said...

What a sweet list -- I loved reading your answers!

Natalie said...

Please let me know if you experiment with the spaghetti remover! Also, take a before and after shot if you do. :)