Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope everyone has had a great Memorial Day. My mom, Landon and I went to the DFW National Cemetery this afternoon for a ceremony they were having to honor my grandfather and all the veterans. My grandfather served in the US Army during WWII and has a purple heart. He's always been a hero to me!

I have to be a proud momma for a minute and share the sweetest story with you. We were putting flowers and flags on my grandfathers grave this afternoon when my mom said to Landon that her daddy was one of the greatest men that ever lived and how he loved his family and was a dedicated man. We were walking away when Landon told us to stop. He said, "Behind me is one of the greatest men that ever died! He was awesome!" Seems he had been listening to our conversation.

Here's Landon helping us with grandpa's grave.

And, here's another one of my proud moments as a mother today...Landon was sad because the guys beside grandpa didn't have anything on their grave so he said he was going to share grandpa's pinwheels with them. He looked at my mom and said, "Nana I wished I had a pinwheel for everyone that don't have nothing." I love that he's so thoughtful, and I was wishing with all my heart that I had enough time and enough pinwheels for him to do just that. That innocent love of a child's heart is just the most beautiful thing ever.

It was so beautiful to see all the flags and all the family members coming to honor those who gave their lives for this country. I love to see veterans being honored. It was a beautiful service on a beautiful day. Thanks to all of you who have served our country. You deserve to be remembered on this day!

And last, but definitely not least...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear friend Kristen Martinez who was killed in a car accident this past January. It just wasn't right to have to take you something and place it on a grave today. It wasn't right to have to stand there and let the wind push the tears down our cheeks. It's not at all how we wanted to do things this year. We love you and miss you so much it hurts. God knows WHY this tragedy has come into our lives, and I trust Him too much to question His ways! Happy Birthday, my friend...HAPPY BIRTHDAY indeed!

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Miller Racing Family said...

Happy Memorial Day to you also. I am so late on blogging this week, it is not even funny. That was such a sweet story about Landon and placing the pinwheels on another grave. He is such a thoughtful little guy. I am again so sorry for your loss. What a great tribute to a good friend. Have a great day!