Friday, June 26, 2009

Good Ole Summer Time!

We took Landon to three of the beaches here yesterday. As you can tell by this first picture, he was simply amazed at all the water.

It didn't take him long to wade into the water...

Before we knew it, he was soaked!

And loving every minute of it!

It was even too much fun for daddy to resist!

We then drove to the next beach, where Landon remembered to change into his swimming trunks before going in...

Can you tell he's having fun???

He even 'surfed' a bit!

After so much was time to head home.

Or, so we thought...but then...we passed another beach on the way home, and NOTHING would do until we stopped at ANOTHER BEACH! That child don't miss much.

This beach area was in Lake Charles and had a great place for him to play with his sand toys.

He even went swimming for a while. (And YES! I made him wear a life jacket because we weren't sure how deep the water was in all the places he went.) He's still learning how to swim and mommy is paranoid because some of the places have drop offs and the child has NO FEAR of the water!

After about five hours of's time to head home! I just knew he'd be asleep before we got back to the house, but WAS I EVER WRONG! He needed to eat first and get a bath. Then, three hours of quiet in the house.


Monica said...

Oh I so want to go to the beach this summer!!!Looks like y'all had a great time!Oh and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Love ya!

Miller Racing Family said...

What a fun day. The photos were all so cute. I love the first one and I also love the surfing picture.
Thank goodness for summer and fun in the water.
Have a great day!