Friday, June 5, 2009

Winner of UPrinting Give Away

And the winner is...Layla! I promise you it was not rigged. Layla is one of my 'real-life' friends too. She really wanted to win this contest too. Funny thing is that she brought me something over last night that she knew I was really wanting. It was something I had told her I was going to get and wanted really bad. She wouldn't let me pay her for it...said it was my going away present. Her comment was that if I had to pay for it, then I wouldn't remember her every time I used it. I guess God has ways of 'paying' people back when they do kind things for others.

So, Layla...send me the email that you want UPrinting to use to contact you. You have my personal email. And, I hope you enjoy your prize. Thanks to all of you who entered.


Layla Frances said...


thats great!tubea

Monica said...

That was totally rigged!!!
Just kidding!:]Congratulations Layla!
You deserve it!

Miller Racing Family said...

Love the new photo of Landon on the header, he is so cute. Have a wonderful day!

Kimmie said...

That was rigged!!! Don't deny it!!!

Kimmie said...

that was rigged! Don't deny it!!! :)