Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birthday Time

Saturday night we had our monthly Adult Fellowship (40& over) at church. We meet once a month and eat and play games and have a great time. We usually play music and sing afterwards and always have the best time. My father-n-laws's birthday is tomorrow, so the group decided to surprise him and give him a birthday cake and money from all of us. It's hard to surprise him because it's common knowledge that a church will celebrate their Pastor's birthday, and with his birthday being on a Wednesday this year and our mid week church service being on a Wednesday, well not much of a surprise. But surprise him we did Saturday night! He's worthy of being celebrated twice in a week!

The only question he had was 'Why is there only four candles on his cake?' The answer that came was..."They were pretty sure he had enough strength to blow out four candles...the real number...not so sure about that many candles!"

It was so great to see him smiling and in better health! He's been very ill and not able to eat much for the last three months. He was in rare form and eating well, laughing much, and picking on people. I'm thankful that he is improving more each day! We have missed him at our church functions.

We love you 'Pops' and are so happy to see you feeling better each day.

So, Happy Birthday to a great man! May health and happiness shine on you this year...You deserve it!


Miller Racing Family said...

What a blessing. I am so glad you are close to the family. What a praise that your father in law is feeling better.
Have a great Tuesday!

Carol Kennon said...

Thanks, Tanya. Actually, I hate to even distinguish our parents as 'his parents' and 'my parents' because they are both ours. lol I'm thankful because I know we are blessed to love each others parents like our own. That don't always happen in marriages. I'm blessed!

Monica said...

Your FIL looks great! So glad to hear he's doing better!Love ya and miss ya!

Tim said...

Happy Birthday Pops!

So glad he is feeling better. Will pray for his continued health.

Love you blog and will be back often. Im following now!

Please feel free to stop in and visit us at The Fort anytime, you are always welcome.

Love and Prayers,


Kimmie said...

Great pics, Carol. And Bro. Kennon does deserve a great day and many more years of good health...

love and miss you guys!