Monday, August 3, 2009

Catching Up...

What a busy weekend we had! Friday night our youth played 'Mud Ball' and all I can say is what a blast and a MESS! Gotta love youth (and a few adults) who love a good game of softball in the mud. The most exciting part of Friday night is we had 43 in attendance. Our first youth activity a month and a half ago we had 3!!! We are so excited to see the attendance growing in our youth activities.

On Saturday we drove to San Leon, Texas to attend our nephews birthday party. Landon loved the water slide and had a blast. On our way home we stopped by the bay area in Baycliff, Texas and done a little sight-seeing. What a beautiful place.

On Sunday morning we honored two very special sisters who have attended the church for over 50 years. They are two of the founding members of this assembly. They have seen the church go through many changes in the 53 years they have attended here. It was great to see them honored for all their years of dedicated service!

Here they are with Anthony's parents.

My husband with Sis. Asolete. Anthony spent many days and nights at her house when his parents had to be called away for church business and such when he was younger.

Anthony and Sis. Tene. Anthony has so many memories with these two sisters since they have been a part of his life for the last 33 years since his parents took the church here.

Enjoying dinner after the service Sunday.

Sunday Night we had a great service. Isn't it just awesome to sit in one of those services where the presence of God surrounds you? There's just not words to describe that feeling of God's presence being so strong that it wraps you like a blanket. It's the greatest feeling in the world.

Monday was supposed to be our day off...the day we just spend with our family, but so many things needed to be done we decided to push that day off till Friday. We got the business cards for the church ordered and the stationary and envelopes are in the order process also. Now if we can just get the church website updated and running smoothly.

I have to brag on my little boy a moment before I end this blog. Tuesday morning we got the call that a brother in the church who had went in for a test on his heart was going to have to have open heart surgery immediately, so we left to go be with them at the hospital. It was one of those unexpected things...he thought he'd have the test and go home. The doctors found 85%blockage in the main artery and two other arteries that were blocked. We didn't have time to find someone to leave Landon with, so we just packed him a few things and took him with us. We were at the hospital for almost 11 hours, and the kid was just awesome! Granted, I have no change or dollar bills left in my purse and we hit every vending machine in the waiting area and lobby, but hey...that's a small price to pay. I'm thankful for a little boy who understands that sometimes mommy and daddy have to be places that are not fun for him, but he just rolls with the flow.

I'm also thankful that God brought our friend through the surgery! He had no clue how bad the situation was and we are all thankful that the doctors found it when they did. After surgery the doctor told us that he had found where he had a small heart attack already, so it was just a miracle that he went to have the test done and they were able to help him before it was too late. How great is it that God watches over us like that!


Alexis said...

Good to hear from you again, Carol! Landon is still cute, I see, not that I was expecting anything to be different.

Praying for your friend!

Monica said...

We've been to Baycliff once and Joe loved it,he has always wanted to go back.That's a great looking church family!

Carol Kennon said...

Thanks, Alexis. We just got the call that our friend is doing so well that they are moving him out of ICU and into a room tomorrow. So, we're all excited about that.

Monica, we are going to go back to the Baycliff area soon. We didn't have much time to spend Saturday. We are taking the youth to Kema Boardwalk in's kinda like a small Six Flags but it's right on the bay. It's so beautiful. Thanks for the compliment on the church family. They are all just awesome. It's amazing how much I love them already! I am going to try to remember to get a shot of the congregation during one of the services to show everyone.

Louise | UPrinting said...

Wow, sounds like a very busy week you had. First from all the fun. Then from the stress of the hospital. Because seriously, the hospital's got to be one of the most stressful places one could ever be.
I hope the brother is doing fine now. God bless you all. :)

Debra said...

Love the pics of Landon on the water slide, it looks like he had a fantastic time. He is a special little blessing isn't he? :)

Debra said...

P.S. Glad the surgery went well for your friend! God is good!

Terry said...

What a precious post !
Thank you for stopping by :)
Carol your so wonderful .
I am so touched that you came by to visit my blog thank you .
Thank you for sharing the updates about the youth on your blog.
The attendance numbers are really so fantastic.
Do not despise the days of small beginings !
Keep the faith Carol and expect good things :)
Blessings to you .
Happy Trails