Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NEVER send a man to the grocery store!!!

My husband is a very smart man...on most accounts. However, when he walks into the grocery store something goes terribly wrong with his brain! Here's the list I gave him...

1) 1lb box of butter
2) Large bottle of Vanilla flavoring
3) Dozen eggs
4) large tub of shortening
5) 5lb bag of sugar
6) 5 lb bag of flour
7) six pack of 7-up (in 20 oz. bottles)

I was just wanting to make a 7-up pound cake for our church bake sale. It was a simple list...only problem was I NUMBERED the items. I noticed he was not in the best of moods when he started to carry the groceries in the house. I couldn't figure out where all the bags were coming for for just seven items. Then I realized what he had done. He read the list wrong. Here's what he came home with...

1 one pound box of problem. got that one right!
Two large bottles of vanilla flavoring...What? I only asked for one on the list!
Three dozen of eggs...yeah, we're gonna have egg sandwiches all week long!
Four large tubs of shortening...I could fry fish for everyone in DeQuincy with that much lard!
Five 5lb bags of sugar...where am I gonna store 25 pounds of sugar???
Six 5 lbs bags of flour...what did he think I was going to do with 30 pounds of flour???
About this time I just started laughing...why you ask? Because I knew that the last thing on the list was the six pack of 7 up...and I knew that he was about to bring in 42 bottles of 7-up. I just scooted all the other stuff over and made room for them! The man has an EDUCATION...just no COMMON SENSE! '
But I love him!


Parsley said...

This is so funny. Tell him thumbs up for the effort because he was only trying to please you.

Parsley said...

I was telling MY husband and he thinks he knows why he did this. won't want to send him to the store anymore LOL :)

Monica said...

That's just too funny.I never number my list cause if I did joe would probably do the same thing.Gotta love em!

Carol Kennon said...

You husband is standing over my shoulder making me write and tell you all that this is a joke and that he is not THAT dumb! LOL But, those of you who know him...well, you know that he is truly capable of doing this!

Parsley said...

Joke or not, too funny. No worries, never thought he was 'dumb' just shopping challenged ;)

Miller Racing Family said...

That was so funny. Thanks for the laugh.
If you have a moment head over to my blog as I have something for you.

Annette Duvall said...

You are SO funny. I miss that sense of humor.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Too funny!!

Thanks for popping by my blog last Friday to say hi. I loved your comment about you son wanting a dog or baby sister. So cute!! ;)

Anonymous said...

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