Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another lesson from a 4-yr old

My husband and I were discussing something last night and Landon was sitting at the table eating popsicles. Someone had stolen our lawnmower and left an old rusty, nonworking one almost just like it in it's place. When Anthony went out to mow the front part of the yard that he does with a push mower, he noticed something just wasn't right...the main thing being that it wouldn't run and kept dying. He realized what had happened and put the mower back up and decided we'd have to mow it all with his dad's riding mower. We like to use a push mower on the front part of the yard because we can get those neat looking lines in it. We both have a love for those neatly mowed lines in the grass.

I was telling my husband how it just made me sick to think that someone would come on our property and steal something like a lawnmower and no one see it. I guess I thought living in a small town like we are now, nothing like that happened. I mean, goodness, I can't go to the store without thirty people knowing it, but someone can steal a lawnmower and no one see it? Especially with the land we live on being so open. I can only assume they took it through the small patch of trees and woods behind us.

Now, I'll have to be honest and admit that I was not really the kindest with my words about these 'thieves'...I kept saying how I was going to pray that the lawnmower broke on them, and I was going to pray they would have such a guilty conscience they'd have to bring it back, I was going to pray no one let them mow their yards if they stole it to make money, I was going to pray they get caught...when suddenly a little voice from the kitchen table stopped the words of my mouth!

Landon had taken the two sticks from the popsicles he had finished eating and formed them into a cross and said, "Mom, we need to pray for those bad guys who stole our lawnmower because they need Jesus who died on a cross like this."

My husband and I stopped and looked at each other, not quite sure what to say at first. Then I had to repent and realize that there really was something much more important than a little Wal-Mart lawnmower. There was someone out there who needed their life to be changed, probably someone who thought there was no better way of life for them but to steal. Someone who needed the power of the cross and the power of the One who died on that cross for all mankind to be of a positive effect on their life.

Oh the things I continue to learn from the pure and innocent heart of this precious little boy. God help me to learn to watch they words I say and to stop and take a second look until I can see things differently...and God help my husband to remember to lock up the new mower we are going to have to buy.


Alexis said...

You may at times feel weak when you see the child-like faith of little Landon, but remember that he's heard that somewhere! That just goes to show that he's being raised right!!!

There's something on this blog that I just can't get enough of, and I think Landon would be perfect for it. You ask your kids grown-up questions and the answers have been so cute! Here's the link...

Pam said...

Wow! I would have been feeling the same way. Landon is very wise!

Staci said...

I agree with Alexis' comment above. Your sweet son has heard this and learned this and it is a tribute to you and your husband as parents. So many times my husband and I worry that our kids aren't "getting" what we are trying to teach them. Then out of the blue we hear our words coming back to us through them and we know they actually were listening :) It's very humbling to have your own child teach you your own lessons :)

Carol Kennon said...

Thanks, guys...he makes me stop and think a lot! It's true, Staci that it's humbling to have your child teach you the same lesson you've been trying to get across to him. It's a good feeling to know that he's finally getting it.
Landon's really into listening to his dad when he preaches and he's starting to repeat some of the things and scriptures he uses in his sermons at church.