Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I love this new blog!!!

This is a great website. Thank you Alexis for telling me about it! I love it! I decided to participate in the short answers game on this blog. Here's Landons answers...just as he said them.

What is your favorite thing about where you live?
Landon-playing hide and seek, fishing, hunting deer, and hunting rabbits.
Me- You've never hunted deer or rabbits here.
Landon-I pretended hunted them.

What do trains carry?
Landon-Cargo unless it's a passenger train and passenger trains carry people. Remember I tell you I wanted to ride a passenger train.

What does a Sherriff do?
Landon-attacks bad people and arrestes bad guys and he shoots bad guys. Sheriff's wear boots too.

Where does the gas station get the gas?
Landon-from the gas pump like we do.
Me-But where does the gas come from?
Landon-From inside the pump...you know like you pumped gas the other day, yeah, that's how they do it too at the gas station.

If you could do whatever you wanted for a whole day, what would you do?

Landon-go fishing at the beach and go find some ducks to feed too. Louisiana don't many ducks do they, mom? I miss the ducks in Texas.


Miller Racing Family said...

What great answers. I will have to do this with Trey. I love the comment that sheriff's wear boots. Kids notice everything.

Parsley said...


Carol Kennon said...

Alexis told me about this blog. I love this game and so did Landon. I can't wait to see Trey's answers, Tanya!

Debra said...

Oh, what cute answers....I loved reading this! I HOPE YOU CAN FIND THAT BOY SOME DUCKS TO FEED! :)

Alexis said...

I love it! I knew Landon's answers would be adorable! So glad you played along. I'll join you as soon as Matty has a clue what I'm talking about...and I have a clue what he's talking about.