Thursday, September 24, 2009

Duct Tape DOES NOT Fix Everything!

So...I learned two things today.


1. Duct Tape DOES NOT fix everything!
2. Every MALE city employee here has Duct Tape hidden in their truck somewhere.

I had parked my car...yes, the one that I've only had for six days, at City Hall this morning and went in to pay a bill. As you know, we live in a small town where everyone knows everyone. I was talking to the lady inside about the pie contest my husband and I just had. We were laughing about the picture of my husband with pie on his face that was put in the DeQuincy Newspaper and just having a great visit when a gentleman came inside and said that he had bad news for me.

Well, he proceeds to tell us that when they were mowing something flew out of the lawnmower and shattered my drivers side window. We walk outside to see the damage. The mayor came out to let me know that they'd take care of me and have me fixed up by tomorrow morning. I later found out that I won't be driving the car until next Wednesday because it's a special type of glass that does not fall shatters and holds together so that it won't fall on passengers and cut them in an accident, therefore it has to be ordered and will be here Wednesday.

The guys wanted to put Duct Tape on my window so that when I shut the door it wouldn't cause the glass to crumble and go everywhere. Well that was a nice thought. I shut the door VERY SLOWLY AND LIGHTLY and you could hear glass falling all into the door. Seems Duct Tape don't fix everything??? But, hey it was worth a try guys! I wish you could have seen all the Duct Tape appearing. Duct Tape is obviously a staple and a necessity around this town.

The mayor told me that if the police stopped me on my way home because my 'tint' was too dark to just give him a call and he'd explain everything. Yep...always a jokester in the bunch! I had so much fun chatting and getting to know and meet everyone at City Hall but I assured them that next month when I came in to pay my bill, I would be parking across the street.

Oh...and when we went to the store this evening...I bought a roll of Duct Tape to put in my car. Next time something like this happens...I'LL BE PREPARED!

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Parsley said...

Great story but sorry that it had to happen in the first place. Yep...good ole duct tape.