Monday, September 28, 2009

Small Town Life

I love the fact that we live in a town where everyone knows everyone...or at least they know one person in your family. I've learned that small towns take their high school football teams VERY seriously. Very seriously! Well, we have an awesome team...DeQuincy Tigers.

Friday was Homecoming. This was our first time to attend the Homecoming Parade. After all the people I seen lining the streets at the parade, I really am not so sure this is such a small town anymore. lol They were everywhere. Landon was a little overwhelmed with all the activities. He loved all the candy being thrown from the floats and the cars carrying the homecoming court. Here's a few pictures from our Homecoming Parade...

A certain little boy who kept posing and wanting his picture taken while we were waiting on the parade to start. I didn't mind...he's so cute, my camera just loves him!

The Senior Homecoming Court

Then there was many class reunions, some were celebrating their 10th, 25th, 30th, 40th and even their 50th class reunion. It was my husband's 25th class reunion, but since it was Landon's first time to attend a parade he stayed with us to enjoy the celebrations. Here's some of the class reunions and their floats.

This is Peggy, she attends our church, and Landon calls her 'Nana Peggy' because he says she treats him just like his nana did in Texas. We are blessed to have her in our lives. She is SO good to Landon!

This was Anthony's graduating class...1994, minus a couple of the guys. (I told you it was a small town.) Anthony wasn't on the float and our friend; Johnny, who is the fire chief wasn't able to ride with the class because he was driving the fire truck in the parade.

And our friend, Pat...who succeded in hitting me square in the forehead with a handfull of suckers that he was throwing to Landon. I happen to think it was on purpose.

Landon's favorite part...the fire trucks!

We had a great time. Now, we can't wait for the Christmas Parade. I hear it's an even bigger deal. Oh, my! One thing we did learn about the parades sack is not enough for all the candy you'll pick up by the end of the parade! Here's Landon at the beginning of the parade and his bag was already getting heavy. Now I know why we seen so many kids with the large brown grocery sacks...NOW we know!


Parsley said...

They get less candy when they get older and less cute. Just FYI. LOL

Our parade won't be for another month.

Carol Kennon said...

Not my baby...he'll only get cuter with age. LOL But you're right, some of the kids who were much older than Landon would hardly even bend to pick up the candy! I'll enjoy it while he's young.

Kimmie said...

Ya'll look like ya'll are having so much fun! I want to come visit ya'll soon....just say when!

Love ya, girl,

Carol Kennon said...


Miller Racing Family said...

How cute. I think I could have done the same post. As last week was our homecoming, this week is alumni weekend and we are the red and black tigers as well. I loved all the photos. Trey will agree with Landon that his favorite part is the fire truck and the candy.
Have a great day!