Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Some moments are just PRICELESS! Tonight at church was truly a priceless moment...At least for me and the rest of the congregation! My husband? Maybe not so priceless for him.

He was reading from the book of Acts, and meant to say, "It was noised abroad." What he said???

"It was noised TO A BROAD!"

Yep...I roared!!! So did several other. I probably wouldn't have laughed so hard if he hadn't put so much UMPH behind it. Funniest part is he said it TWICE. Nothing like making a point and driving it home! See what you miss if you don't attend church on Wednesday nights?

I still love ya, Honey!


Alexis said...

A preacher we know did something similar. He kept talking about how Jonah was in the whelly of the bale and the bell of the whaley. He couldn't get it straight even though he tried over and over. After a few minutes, he just shut down because nobody could stop laughing.

Miller Racing Family said...

Nothing like making a mistake in front of the entire church. Thanks for the laugh, though!

AndreaLeigh said...

hah! funny, but poor thing. did he at least see the humor in what he said?

Carol Kennon said...

He did see the humor, Andrea. He didn't even realize what he had said and what we were laughing at until after the service.

Dunn But Not Finished said...

Very funny - Did he even realize what he said? That's happened at our church and the pastor would look at everyone like we'd lost our marbles!

Carol Kennon said...

He didn't realize what he had said...he was wondering why we were laughing. He's still in denial that he said it. LOL