Tuesday, October 6, 2009


My camera lens found a beautiful subject this afternoon! Here's some of Landon's pictures I took today.


Miller Racing Family said...

Oh, I love them all. The first one and the one with Landon laying down on this little hands are my favorite. Oh, how I love photos of little kids. So simple and yet you almost can see their hearts.

Debra said...

Wow! These are all so fantastic! Landon is such a perfect subject for you too...and my how he is growing up! It hasn't been THAT long since I've been to your blog...he already looks so much more mature and like he's grown several inches!

Love your pictures...you are a great photographer. :)

Carol Kennon said...

Thanks, Tanya and Debra. He is growing up fast, Debra. That's why I take so many pictures of him...I can't ever go back to these stages, so I capture them as much as I can.