Monday, October 5, 2009

Everything but the kitchen sink...

This post will have to have so many things thrown in, by the end you'll think I did include the kitchen sink.

The biggest news first...Landon has a new and HEALTHY puppy! He named him Boomer. We have no clue where that name came from. One of our good friends here is lovingly nicknamed Boom, so we can only hope that he didn't name a dog after him. Poor guy.

This picture cracks me up. I love the look on his face...WHO are you people and WHERE am I?

Landon is so happy that his new puppy is well and 'will not die'. That was his first question. Then all night long the first night he would hold him and check his breathing. To say that Friday night was a long night would be an understatement! The kid was up checking on the dog all night. I think the puppy became annoyed with being woke up!

Then on Saturday our youth group had a garage sale at the church. We arrived at the church early since the garage sale was starting at 7am. Since it was Anthony's birthday his parents and some of our friends beat us to the church and had breakfast made for us to enjoy. And, he was greeted by this sign when we pulled up.

It's the little things like this that makes you feel special and loved. Everyone here just pours so much love out on us that we feel like royalty. Oh, and I should mention that we made almost $450 on our youth garage sale! We were pleased! Our goal was $200. We now have a trip to Kemah completely paid, eats, van rentals, and gas, everything! We will be going the third weekend this month. Our group of 25 youth who are going couldn't be happier!

On Saturday evening we rode with my in-laws to Lake Charles and I introduced Pops (my FIL) to Starbucks!!! Starbucks is a huge treat for us since we have to drive 25 miles to the closest one. Needless to say, I was in heaven. My father-n-law wasn't quite as hooked as we were. Actually I think he just couldn't ge over the fact that we could pay $4 for a cup of coffee and then ENJOY it! LOL
Don't worry...Landon had a children's hot chocolate. No coffee in his cup!

On Sunday night, the church surprised my husband with a birthday party after service. We had finger foods and cake and all sorts of desserts. I told you they are way too good to us here. They had a money tree for him instead of gifts.
Here's Anthony at his birthday party with one of our youth. Lauryn tells everyone she is our adoptive daughter. She helps us with Landon when we need a sitter or just some help keeping him occupied at church functions. We love her to pieces and Landon loves her too. Landon says she reminds him of his friend, Ellerie, from Texas.

Lauryn also surprised me Sunday when she let me read her school speech. She had to write and give a speech on leadership. I was honored that she choose to write about me and our friendship and how she looks up to me as a leader in her life. She is making me a copy of it and I will cherish it forever! It moved me to tears. We just never know how much we impact a young person's life when we take time to listen to them and work with them through all their problems and cares in life.

So, there's my wrap-up of our weekend. I told you there would be just about everything but the kitchen sink...Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Parsley said...

Curious what breed the pup is. Do you know?

Glad he got a healthy pup and all is well. Whoo hoo!

Carol Kennon said...

LOL Parsley...he's a mutt. We saved him. I think they told us he had beagle in him. Can't remember what else. He gets his last shot today. Landon is happy so that's all that matters. Mutt or pure breed, he loves him to death.