Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's NOT your fault, McDonalds!

I went to McDonalds today to grab some lunch. They were really busy and I had to wait several minutes before the lady was able to take my order. Once she was free, the lady turned to me and said, "I'm sorry about the weight."

I very kindly replied to her...

"Oh, it's not your fault, sweetie...I've always been this big!"

Sometimes we just need to laugh with each other! It makes life so much more fun!


Debra said...

Oh you are hilarious! That's a good one...I hope she got a kick out of it, just like you did! :) Laughter is such good medicine!!!

Parsley said...

Love that sense of humor. It does make the days better just smiling and being happy.

Miller Racing Family said...

I think I would have died laughing. What a great sense of humor you have.
Thanks for your sweet comments with our baby news.
Have a great day!