Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Fun

We had a hayride, bonfire, wiener/marshmallow roast, as an alternative for Halloween at our church. We had a wonderful turnout, and loads of fun! Landon was so excited about going on a hayride! It was warm until the sun went down, but we didn't just seems right to have to bundle up for a hayride.

He got started on the rides early...every load of wood we wheeled over to the bonfire, he had to be a part of!

Landon played and played in the hay...the joys of childhood!

Loaded up and ready for our hayride...

Hayrides are fun...

But hay fights are even better!

A great bonfire is just what you need to warm back up after a 12 mile hayride! What makes it even better is toasting marshmallows over a bonfire! Seriously, where have I been all my life??? I am in love with toasted marshmallows.

One lesson I learned about hayrides here in the country...always be a part of the FIRST load and always...always sit towards the front. Why? Because when there's a hayfight, the hay flys towards the rear of the trailer! It took me two hair washings to get all the hay out! It could also be because I was attacked by a group of young people and smothered in hay when we returned to the church! What fun!


Miller Racing Family said...

I love that churches do alternatives for Halloween. I am amazed at all the scary costumes people put their children in.
I love the photo of Landon's little head sticking out of the hay.
I hope you have a fabulous day!

Parsley said...

Too funny "Where have I been all my life?" Did you mean where have marshmallows been all my life? LOL

Looks like a great evening.

Carol Kennon said...

I guess I didn't think of it sounding that way, Parsley. lol I was actually asking myself a question as to where have I been all my life...the answer being in the city. I've always lived in the city and never had a toasted or rather a burnt marshmallow. I'm loving all the outdoor things I'm learning here.