Monday, November 16, 2009


So, this is where I was hiding out for most of last week...

My brother-n-law and I are building a new church website. We're both learning, mostly by mistakes, but we're learning just the same. We still have much work to do and many things we want to add, but I think it's looking pretty good.

We had a very fast paced weekend. Thursday evening I noticed Landon had what looked like a small bump or insect bite on his stomach, but really didn't think too much about it. When he woke up Friday morning, his stomach was swollen and the bite area was very red and looked like a boil the size of a tennis ball. I took him to a friend of ours in the church who was a nurse and she told us he needed medical attention immediately and to get him to the ER or a doctor immediately. The doctor took one look at Landon and told us that we had a problem on our hands. Landon was diagnosed with bad staph infection and he told us that it had already abscessed and that he would probably have to have surgery because he didn't think the medicine would work in this stage.

I done what most moms would do...I panicked! My in laws came to met us and my father-n-law remarked how that he just didn't like the way Landon's stomach looked and the way Landon was acting. He was very sick and would only lay in the back seat and cry. He rode home laying in the back seat because he couldn't sit up in his car seat.

The doctor told us that he was going to over medicate Landon because he felt it was necessary in this case. The medicine was sulphur based and smelled horrible and by the amount of gagging and vomiting occurring from myself, and my husband and Landon as we gave it to him, I could not imagine having to be the one taking it. Seriously, when the nurse told me that the medicine smelled like rotten eggs or worse, she wasn't exaggerating!

Well, on Friday night, my father-n-law was laying across the bed with Landon and praying for him, and very concerned about Landon because it seemed he was having a reaction to the medicine. His stomach was black and very red and irritated and still swelling. The most concern we had was that his stomach was becoming very hard and it hurt him if it was touched. I truly had had all I could take, and was ready to just take him back in. My father-n-law began to pray and ask God for a favor and to heal his baby, and asked him to take care of the infection and all the problems involved. Then what he done next left me speechless. He THANKED God for hearing him and thanked him for healing Landon and stood up, walked away to go home and said, "He's going to be all right."

That's it...he was done...finished. He left and went home, TRUSTING and BELIEVING that everything was going to be fine. I'm sure you know what I was doing. Yep, standing there with my mouth open and my eyes in a stare, thinking HUH?

I'm a mom and my job was to worry. My job was to find a way to fix what was wrong or to take Landon to those who could fix him. I gave my husband that look that says 'We have to do something else, something more, I can't just sit here and watch what's going on"...then I noticed how peaceful Landon was sleeping, how his fever was gone, how his breathing had leveled, and I noticed the swelling going down. I could suddenly feel that assurance that everything was going to be allright, that Landon was going to be fine.

To make a long story short, Landon woke up the next morning, pulled up his pajama shirt and said "Look mom, the bump is all gone." I thought someone was going to have to pick me up off the floor. There was still bruising around the area, but there was no redness and no swelling and no hardness on my baby's stomach! The bruising is something that will take a few days to clear up and it's nothing to worry about.

I am so THANKFUL that I serve a God who heals and answers prayers! I'm thankful that when I couldn't grasp hold of faith that I had someone around me that could believe for me. I was a very happy and thankful mother when I heard the doctor say today that the infection is clear, and that Landon will be fine. We have to finish that stinky medicine until its gone because it's an antibiotic, but that's nothing compared to what we were facing!

I have so much to be thankful for this much!

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Parsley said...

Wow what an ordeal! Thank God he's recovered!