Monday, December 28, 2009



I was so sick with a virus Christmas day that I didn't even take my camera out of the car. To say I'm sad would be an understatement, because Landon was so happy the moment he seen all his gifts. Trust me, it's a Christmas that I won't or not. I think I'll always have that picture in my mind of how horrible I looked. When we got home that night and I looked at myself in the mirror, I didn't iron my clothes, brush my hair, nothing! I just went 'as is'. I have to admit, I'm glad no one had a camera to take a picture of me because they would never let me live that one down!

Hope everyone had a blessed, happy and WELL on to a New Year!

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Miller Racing Family said...

Bless your heart. I hope you are feeling better. I did get some photos but no video. It totally slipped my mind until the next day. I am hoping to post photos later. Have a great New Years.